Welded Mesh Manufacturer in Gauteng – Vaal Value

Welded Mesh Manufacturer in Gauteng – Vaal Value

Vaal Value is a leading welded mesh manufacturer in Gauteng, who has built an outstanding reputation amongst our clients in the construction industry as a trusted steel reinforcement supplier.

We will supply all the welded mesh products you will require for your construction reinforcing needs. Welded mesh products from Vaal Value are manufactured in accordance with SANS 1024 (Welded steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete). You can rest assured that you will be receiving high quality products that meets your expectation. Contact the trusted welded mesh manufacturers, Vaal Value, for more information about our products and services. We supply products and services to clients in the Gauteng region.

Welded mesh and steel rebar from Vaal Value

Vaal Value is a top choice when it comes to welded mesh manufacturers for construction purposes. We have gained extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of welded mesh and steel rebar, offering our clients suitable reinforcement solutions to their construction needs. The welded mesh manufacturing process is as follows:

Raw material, known as wire rods, are used to manufacture welded mesh. The wire rods are cold rolled to deform the metal by passing it through rollers at a temperature below Recrystallisation temperature. Defects are introduced into the metal’s crystal structure, which strengthens and hardens the metal. The cold rolled wire rods are then straightened and cut with specialised machinery owned by the welded mesh manufacturers, according to certain specifications.

The wires will then be welded together in square or rectangular grids, in various aperture sizes and specifications. The finished mesh will then undergo cutting and bending with two separate machines for the desired dimensions. The mesh the goes through the final manufacturing stage of galvanised coating.

No matter what the size of the reinforcement project, Vaal Value, welded mesh suppliers, can assist. We have built a great reputation amongst many companies in the construction and industrial industries in Gauteng, who we have helped to complete their reinforcement projects efficiently and professionally.

We are able to supply all the reinforcement project from our own yard, or offer limited or complete onsite cutting and bending services – as per our clients’ needs.

About welded wire mesh – Application and benefits

Welded wire mesh is very versatile and widely used in various construction applications and industries. Welded wire mesh is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Concrete slabs: Welded mesh is used as structural reinforcement in concrete slabs, strengthening the slabs for optimal use in construction and building.
  • Pavement and roads: Welded wire mesh is used in large sheet for concrete paving for highways, roads, and other paving applications.
  • Fencing: Welded wire mesh is widely used as perimeter fencing, due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Airport: Welded mesh is also widely used as airport fencing, serving as a durable security method.
  • Agriculture: Welded mesh is also used in agricultural applications, for fencing purposes and in orchids / vineyards.
  • Precast elements: Installing welded mesh in precast concrete structures will help prevent crack, adding strength to the structure.

Contact the leading welded mesh manufacturers in Gauteng today

If you are in need of welded mesh manufacturers also offering installation services in Gauteng or the surrounding areas, contact Vaal Value today. We will supply you with high quality welded mesh and steel rebar that suits your project needs. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations, guaranteeing you of high service levels and professional services. Contact us today for more information about our products – trusted welded mesh manufacturers.

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