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Steel reinforcement is a major component of construction. Reinforcement is required in concrete structures to help provide a better resistance against tensile forces. Although strong in compressions, concrete is low in tensile strength. Steel reinforcement will thus increase the tensile strength of the concrete structure. Steel is the ideal material for concrete reinforcement, due to the properties. There are many different types of steel reinforcement, making steel a versatile material to reinforce concrete structures, roads, bridges and more. Read more about the types of steel reinforcement, and how Vaal Value can assist with your steel reinforcement project.

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Types of reinforcement

Different types of reinforcement products are used in a number of different applications, mainly in the construction industry. The main types of steel reinforcement include:

  • Mild steel bars: Mild steel can be defined as an iron-carbon alloy that contains less than 0.25 percent carbon. This makes it more ductile and less hard thus rendering it unsuitable for structural work, but suitable for reinforcement in concrete and other applications.
  • Deformed steel bars: Deformed steel bars are the most common reinforcement bars used in the reinforcement of concrete, roads and other structures. These bars feature surface irregularities, or ridges, with the purpose of improving the bondage with the concrete.
  • Welded mesh: Welded wire mesh is a series of longitudinal and transverse wires arranged at right angles to each other and welded together to for a grid or screen. The holes can be made to specific diameter, to meter the needs of the specific application.

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