The Importance of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Structures

The Importance of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Structures

Steel reinforcement is a remarkable innovation of the 19th century, and has been widely used across the world to reinforce concrete structures in the construction industry. The many benefits this method of reinforcement offers, has made it an essential part of the construction of large concrete structures today. The steel bars add strength to the concrete structure, and allow for more specialised designs, such as cantilevered structures (long structures anchored at only one end). It also enables the use of thinner, less supported concrete slabs, and promotes quicker construction times to name only a few benefits.

The properties of steel and concrete

Combining steel and concrete offers a number of benefits, which can be derived from the properties of each material.

Characteristics of concrete:

  • Low tensile strength: The low tensile strength (the resistance to break under tension) of concrete is probably the number one reason why concrete needs to be reinforced.
  • High compressive strength: The high compressive strength of concrete makes it ideal for large structures, as it is able to withstand high compressive forces.
  • Mouldable: When mixed, concrete can be moulded into just about any shape before it dries and hardens. This property makes it ideal for structure the feature less standard shapes and design, enabling endless opportunities for architects and engineers.
  • Relatively inexpensive: Concrete is a relatively inexpensive material when compared to other materials like steel used in the construction industry.

Characteristics of steel:

  • High tensile strength: The high tensile strength offered by steel products and especially steel reinforcement makes it ideal to strengthen concrete structures. A steel reinforced concrete structure will offer a material that is higher in tensile strength, which will not easily break under high tension as experienced in large structures.
  • High compressive strength: Steel, just like concrete, is resistant to high compression forces present in larger building an structures. Together, steel and concrete make for the perfect material to ensure lasting structures such as building, bridges and more.
  • Difficult to mould and shape: Steel is not as easy to mould and shape like fresh concrete, but can be moulded and shaped under extremely high temperatures. This makes it more complicated to shape and bend, but still possible. Vaal Value is able to cut and bend steel reinforcement (rebar and mesh) onsite, partially onsite, or completely in our own yard.
  • Relatively expensive: Although steel is relatively expensive, it is 100% recyclable , and there will be no material wastage.

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