Steel Reinforcement – Pretoria – Vaal Value

Steel Reinforcement – Pretoria – Vaal Value

Vaal Value has grown to become a market leader when it comes to steel reinforcement suppliers in Pretoria and the rest of Gauteng. Vaal Value provides steel reinforcing solutions to the building, civil and mining industries, offering a complete service to our clients’ for their reinforcing project needs.

If you are in need of a trusted supplier of steel reinforcement products and services in Pretoria, contact Vaal Value today for assistance. We will provide you with a comprehensive service and support, at very competitive prices. Trust our professional team to handle your reinforcing project from start to finish.

About steel reinforcement for concrete

Concrete is widely used in the construction and building industries. Although concrete is a very strong material, it possesses a very low tensile strength. In order to compensate for the low tensile strength, steel reinforcement is used by casting it into the concrete structure.

Steel reinforcement is generally divided into two categories namely primary and secondary reinforcement.

  • Primary reinforcement refers to the steel which is applied to ensure the required resistance needed by the complete structure in order to be able to support the design loads.
  • Secondary reinforcement is also referred to as distribution / thermal reinforcement. This reinforcement is used for durability and aesthetic purposes, by providing enough localized resistance which will limit cracking and other stresses caused by changes in temperature and other environmental factors.

Why trust Vaal Value for your reinforcement supply and services

Vaal Value offers a complete service for your reinforcement project needs. We will assist with providing suitable reinforcement products that meet the necessary requirements for a professional and efficient reinforcement project. We will also supply all the necessary services regarding the cut and bend of steel reinforcement. We are able to supply all the project from our own yard, partially from our yard or our team can complete the services onsite to fit your construction needs. Talk to our professional team today regarding your steel reinforcement needs in Pretoria, and we will provide you with a suitable solution.

Contact Vaal Value – leading steel reinforcement suppliers in Pretoria

At Vaal Value we have established ourselves as a trusted and leading steel reinforcement service provider to clients in the Pretoria and surrounding Gauteng region. No reinforcement job is too big or too small for Vaal Value – we regard each client as important, and will provide you with the best possible services.

Talk to our team today for a cost-effective and efficient solution for your steel reinforcement project.

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