Steel Reinforcement for Concrete

Steel Reinforcement for Concrete

Vaal Value supplies steel reinforcement for concrete including steel rebar and welded mesh products to suit the needs of our clients. When it comes to the reinforcement of concrete structures, you can rely on Vaal Value to supply you with the best reinforcement products and supporting installation services that meet your requirements.

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Why concrete structures need reinforcement

Concrete reinforcing steel is widely used in the construction of bridges, buildings and other large structures. The tensile strength of concrete alone is not sufficient to withstand tensile stresses caused by wind, earthquakes and other vibrations / forces, which is why steel reinforcement is used in the construction of these concrete structures. Steel is the ideal option to reinforce concrete structures, due to the following advantages:

  • Compressive strength: When comparing reinforced concrete structures to structures build from other materials, it has a very high compressive strength.
  • Tensile strength: The steel reinforcement also leads to a higher tensile strength, withstanding tensile stresses as mentioned above.
  • Durability: When it comes to durable building methods, reinforced concrete is among the best. No other building system is more durable than a reinforced concrete system.
  • Economic: Reinforced concrete is a very economic choice of construction material.
  • Flexible: Reinforced concrete is delivered as a fluid material, meaning that it is very flexible when it comes to structural design and adaption, and can be moulded into any shape as required.

Steel reinforcement products for concrete structures

Concrete structures can be reinforced by means of steel rebar or welded mesh reinforcing products, each with their own benefits when it comes to specific applications. Vaal Value supplies top quality welded mesh and steel rebar for the reinforcement of concrete structures, and have assisted many construction companies to complete successful reinforcement projects. Regardless of the scope of your reinforcement needs, Vaal Value will offer excellent services regarding the supply of welded mesh and steel rebar, as well as supporting cut and bend services of the reinforcement steel products (on-site or off-site as required). When making use of Vaal Value for your concrete reinforcement project, you are ensured that:

  • All reinforcing steel supplied by Vaal Value conforms to SANS 920 (Steel bars for concrete reinforcement).
  • All cut and bend services comply with SANS 282 (Bending dimensions and scheduling of steel reinforcement for concrete).
  • Vaal Value supplies a full range of reinforcing mesh, all conforming to SANS 1024 (Welded steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete).

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