Steel Reinforcement Applications and Uses

Steel Reinforcement Applications and Uses – Vaal Value

There are many different uses and applications for steel reinforcement products (welded mesh and steel rebar) in the construction and other industries. Vaal Value is a leading steel products supplier in Gauteng (and South Africa) manufacturing and supplying a wide range of steel products including steel rebar, welded mesh, round bars and tubes, square tubes and bars and many more.

If you are in need of steel reinforcement products for your reinforcement project, or any of the applications listed below, contact Vaal Value today for assistance.

Applications of steel reinforcement products

Steel reinforcement is widely used in the following applications:

  • Concrete slabs and precast structures: Steel is cast inside concrete slabs and precast structures for use on the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and more. Steel is ideal for reinforcement in concrete, as it bods well with the concrete mixture, and can be manipulated (cut and bend) to fit any concrete shape. Steel adds a tensile strength to the concrete structure, so that the structure isn’t as affected by tensile stresses.
  • Infrastructure: Steel reinforcement is widely used in infrastructure including roads, pavement, bridges and more. Welded mesh can be manufactured in large sheets, making it ideal for larger applications such as infrastructure.
  • Fencing: Welded wire mesh is widely used as fencing products. Its versatility and ability to be cut, bent and manipulated makes it ideal for a number of fencing applications and needs.
  • Agriculture: The agricultural industry relies on welded wire mesh for a number of different applications including crop protection, chicken coops, vertical gardens, green houses, pest control, fencing for livestock and many more. If you are in need of welded mesh for your agricultural needs, contact Vaal Value today for assistance.
  • Airports: Airports often make use of wire mesh for fencing and other purposes, offering a versatile, cost-effective and durable fencing solution for larger needs.

Trusted manufacturer of steel reinforcement products in Gauteng / South Africa

As can be seen, steel reinforcement is used in a variety of industries and in a number of different applications. Vaal Value is a leading supplier of reinforcement products and services, supplying clients with high quality steel reinforcement products (welded mesh and rebar products), made to their requirements. Not only will Vaal Value provide you with the reinforcement products, we are also able to assist with the complete reinforcement project management aspect, ensuring the project runs hassle-free and is completed within the required time frame.

Vaal Value have assisted many clients in Gauteng to complete their reinforcement projects – no matter how big or small the project, our team will handle it professionally for satisfying results.

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