Steel Rebar Installation – Vaal Value

Steel Rebar Installation – Vaal Value

Vaal Value is a company specialising in steel rebar installation in Gauteng, South Africa, and has assisted many small, medium and large companies to successfully complete their reinforcement projects. Vaal Value has grown into a well-known and reputable supplier of steel reinforcement products and installation services. We pride ourselves in high levels of customer satisfaction, always striving to give the best services and products to our clients for their reinforcement projects.

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Why rebar – About rebar and welded mesh from Vaal Value

Reinforcement for concrete and other structures is essential to help strengthen the structures. Steel rebar installation will allow the concrete to bend and flex without the structure cracking and breaking. By installing rebar is will strengthen the concrete by eliminating weak points and reinforcing the concrete so that the structure is not damaged by the tension. Rebar will have a regularly spaced pattern of bumps or swirls that help the concrete grip the rebar.

Another reinforcing product supplied by Vaal Value is our welded mesh. Welded mesh is widely used in the construction industry to reinforce structures, as well as for other applications. Our welded mesh Vaal Value stocks a full range of reinforcing mesh, all conforming to SANS 1024 (Welded steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete). Any other reference of mesh can be sourced at short notice.

Vaal Value will meet the client’s requirements regarding steel rebar installation. Our services include cut and bend services that will meet our clients’ needs. We are able to:

  • Supply the project from our yard.
  • Limited scope on-site cutting and bending capabilities with bulk supplied from Vaal Value works.
  • Full on-site cutting and bending capabilities including schedule capturing if required.

When making use of Vaal Value you can rest assured that all our reinforcing products are manufactured and installed according to the National standards, are certified and approved.

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Vaal Value will ensure that your steel rebar installation project runs smoothly and hassle free. Our professional and experienced team will take care of every aspect as per our service package to fit your company’s requirements. You will get the best rebar and welded mesh, as well as excellent installation and management services.

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