Industrial Mesh Suppliers South Africa– Vaal Value

Industrial Mesh Suppliers South Africa– Vaal Value

Vaal Value specialises in steel reinforcement products and services, assisting many companies to complete their reinforcement projects successfully. We supply a wide range of industrial mesh to clients in South Africa, focussing on the Gauteng region.

Vaal Value has gained extensive knowledge and experience within the reinforcement and construction industry, which has enabled us to manufacture the best quality steel products, and offer excellent levels of reinforcement services. If you need a supplier of industrial mesh and steel rebar, talk to a consultant at Vaal Value today for assistance. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, ensuring that we build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

About industrial welded mesh from Vaal Value

Vaal Value makes use of state of the art grid welding machinery and equipment which are able to manufacture an endless number of diameter and spacing configurations, meeting the clients’ specific requirements and needs. Our welding machines and team will supply you with industrial mesh that meets your exact specification for the best results. Industrial mesh is widely used in the following industries:

  • Agriculture: Industrial mesh is widely used for applications in the agricultural. If you are looking for a supplier of industrial welded / wire mesh in South Africa, contact Vaal Value today for assistance.
  • Fencing: Welded wire mesh also come in panels for fencing purposes, and in different specifications.
  • Road / transport: Industrial mesh is also used for embankment and channel protection, retaining structures along roads etc.
  • Structural reinforcement: Most of Vaal Value’s industrial mesh is used for the reinforcement of concrete and other structures in the construction and building industry. Vaal Value assists clients with projects of all scopes and sizes, supplying them with welded / industrial mesh that fits their specification requirements.

Concrete structures have little resistance to tension, which is why it is crucial to reinforce concrete structures with steel reinforcement. Industrial mesh is ideal for this purpose, as it bonds well with the concrete, and is easily positioned into place by the contractors. Vaal Value will also supply you with supporting reinforcement services like cut and bend services for the mesh, which can be done onsite, off-site in our yard, or partially on-site as required.

Contact Vaal Value – industrial mesh suppliers

Contact Vaal Value, the leading industrial mesh suppliers in South Africa today to assist you with your reinforcement project needs. We will supply you with a quote that fits your reinforcement project budget, including the reinforcement products and services you require. For more information about our mesh and rebar products, talk to a consultant today.

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