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Looking for a company to manage and execute your concrete reinforcement installation service? Let Vaal Value assist. Vaal Value is a trusted service provider in the field on concrete reinforcement products and services, that have helped complete many construction reinforcement projects for clients across Gauteng. No matter how big or small the reinforcement project, Vaal Value will assist.

With extensive experience in concrete reinforcement installation and project management, Vaal Value is the best company for the job. Contact us today to talk to a professional consultant about your concrete reinforcement installation needs.

Concrete reinforcement products and installation services

Vaal Value aims to exceed our customers’ expectations, by offering a professional installation service as well as quality reinforcement products as per the project specifications. Our company will manufacture and install your rebar and / or welded mesh according to your requirements. Our products and services include:

  • Welded mesh – Welded mesh used for concrete reinforcement from Vaal Value is cold-rolled deformed wire, that offers superior bonding properties, excellent stress distribution and helps to control crack width. Welded mesh from Vaal Value, concrete reinforcing products supplier, conforms to SANS 1024 (Welded steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete). Our welded mesh is available in various sized apertures (openings), and can also be bent and shaped on-site or in our factory according to the project requirements.
  • Steel reinforcement bars (rebar) – Vaal Value will supply you with top quality rebar for your concrete reinforcement installation project, to ensure that the tensile load of the concrete is effectively supported. Steel reinforcement bars from Vaal Value will be manufactured and installed according to your project requirements. All reinforcing steel supplied conforms to SANS 920 (Steel bars for concrete reinforcement). All cut and bend complies with SANS 282 (Bending dimensions and scheduling of steel reinforcement for concrete).
  • Project management:  Vaal Value will manage the complete concrete reinforcement installation project from start to finish. Contact us today for more information about our concrete reinforcement installation services.

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Vaal Value has assisted many construction companies in Gauteng to complete their concrete reinforcement installation projects successfully, including assistance in large projects such as the N12 Gillooly’s Interchange project, Rivergate Shopping Centre, the Vaal River Eastern Sub-System, Bospoort Dam Rehabilitaton project, Gautrain Rapid Rail Link and more.

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